Slogans for Pensacola Christian College

Don’t ask me why I was on the Pensacola Christian College website yesterday…but I was, and right there on the front page was a quote from an alumni member that made me laugh…

Because I missed my calling as a professional slogan writer,I’ll subject you fine folks to what I believe should be the new slogan at PCC. But first, a few runner-ups (or is it runners-up?)

Pensacola Christian College – where the most beautiful building we have on campus looks like an unfinished Jenga tower.

Pensacola Christian College – where the best experiences you’ll have are meeting 2 people.

Pensacola Christian College – celebrating 35 years of taking pictures while lying on the ground.

Pensacola Christian College – Where we had to go back nine years to find someone who met their future spouse.

Pensacola Christian College – where even the trees are underwhelming.

Pensacola Christian College – because other than every other college in America, we’re the ONLY college in America where you’ll meet lifelong friends.

Those were all worthy, but ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new slogan at PCC…

(drum roll please)

Pensacola Christian Collegewhere your best friend and your spouse are definitely NOT the same person.

What’s that? You think you can do better? Well, by all means, please submit your PCC slogan in the comments. Best slogan wins a crappy prize from my crappy prize stash.

Although I must warn you, I’ve emailed my suggestion to PCC, so you can expect to see their promotional material updated for the 2009/2010 school year.