Current iPhone Favorites

I love my iPhone for reasons too numberous to number. Despite it’s glaring flaws (MMS & video), it’s a beautiful and highly functional computer that fits nicely in my pocket…oh and it’s a phone.

(yes, it has transformed my pants pocket from a chicken fajita meat holder to a technological wonder…thought I’d beat Jason Boyett to the joke.)

Here’s my current top 3 favorite things about my iPhone:

1. Streaming Podcasts in iTunes on my iPhone

I’ve talked to a handful of my friends who own iPhones and they weren’t even aware you could do this. Use iTunes to navigate to the podcast you want to listen to. Then, instead of clicking “Free” to download it, click the podcast episode name (circled in red) and it will begin streaming immediately.

This feature has revolutionized my commute to work. In the morning I’ll listen to the Sports Guy or Mark Driscoll or NPR Books. On the way home I catch the daily Fantasy Focus podcast and the Baseball Today podcast. AM Radio? Pshaw. With podcasts I can listen to exactly what I want with no commercials. It’s glorious.

2. Sneezies

To try and explain this game would only make me seem like an idiot. But hey, I’ll try anyway: It’s a chain reaction of fireworks with sneezing powder and bubbles. (Yup, as I suspected.) Dumb game, but incredibly addiciting. . 99 cents in the iTunes store.

3. The MLB App, now with Game Audio

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be able to seamlessly listen to the Red Sox radio announcers call Red Sox games live on my phone, I wouldn’t have believed you. That’s because it was Y2K and I was probably more concerned about stocking my basement with beans and bottled water.

But there it is in all its glory. I can not only listen to the first game in New Yankee Stadium on my phone, but I can choose to listen to the Indians broadcasters because Tom Hamilton is great and John Sterling is not. $9.99 for this app, which gives me video highlights from every game and live game audio of every game? Best $10 I’ll spend all year.

What about y’all? Any iPhone users out there enjoying an App that we may not know about? Let us in on the goods…