Allain Family Update

It’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees today in Lancaster County…Spring is finally here! What better time to update you on everything that’s going on with the Allain clan, because I know you are desperate to know.


The ParkMan turned 6 in December and has really been enjoying his 6’s. Probably the best year of his life if you would ask him. Tomorrow is opening day for his little league team. He’s playing for the Diamondbacks this year with his cousin Landon, who is definitely his best friend in the whole world.

He cleans up nice too…

He spends his free time playing Wii, playing baseball outside with his dad, eating and drinking every 20 minutes, and asking lots of questions. In fact, here’s a recent exchange after the 2009 Masters golf tournament ended.

Parker: Dad why is he putting on a green jacket?

Dad: Because that golf tournament doesn’t have a trophy, instead they give a jacket.

Parker: Then why does Grandpa have golf trophies?

Dad: Because he’s never won the Masters.


Kylie turns 8 at the end of July. That’s another way of saying that she’s 7 and a half. Last August she took a spill on her bike and lost 2 front baby teeth. 8 months later, and the adult teeth haven’t grown in yet. Then last week she lost her other front tooth, so now she’s rocking the huge gap.

She cleans up nice too, by the way…

Kylie had a sleepover last week at her friend Alyssa’s house and had a lot of fun. She loves playing Barbies, going on, playing Uno with her family, riding her bike, and reading. Kylie’s a fantastic student and a joy to have in the family. Even at a young age she’s very compassionate and thoughtful of others. Clearly her mom has rubbed off on her in a good way. Speaking of which…


Erica is once again working towards another Woman Of The Year Award. She’s working part-time at the Family Center, raising the kids, and keeping the house looking immaculate. And she’s helping lead the young adult small group at church, volunteering at school, and helping in the children’s wing at church. And she does all the laundry and works at her mom’s pretzel store once a month. And she’s been training for a half marathon next weekend. And she laughs at most of my jokes, which might be the most impressive thing on this list. All in a day’s work for this amazing woman.

Erica recently got herself an iPhone, so that’s been fun. You can now follow her on Twitter if you like. You can follow her if you don’t like too, but that wouldn’t make any sense.


Well, if you read this blog then you aleady know more about me than you want to. I’m super busy at work, and writing when I can. My softball season starts in about 10 days, so I’m stoked for that. I love playing guitar at church and I’ll probably torture myself with a handful of rounds on the golf course this summer as well.

I’m really excited for vacations this year. The 4 of us are spending a night in the Poconos in a few weeks. Later in June we’ll be spending a week at the beach with friends. Then in July Erica and I will get away with our friends Jake and Kim (without the kids) for a few days in Florida…that will be a blast. And in August my sister is getting married, so we’ll spend a few days in Massachusetts.

SO…that’s the update. Things are busy, life is fun, and God is good. Hope you can say the same!!!