So Long Oh-Eight, We Hardly Knew Thee

No blog recaps or long goodbyes for 2008 here.

This is my 244th blog post of the year, and it was a great year for sure, but I’m ready to move on and have a better year in 2009.

The one thing I will say about the past 12 months is that It’s been fun getting to know you guys a little better. I blogged more than I ever have in 08, and as my readership grew, so too did the interaction with you readers. You guys (and gals) are funny, smart, and fascinating, and it pushes me to keep the content fresh and on the ball.

So even though thanking your blog readers is a bit cliche, I’m doing it anyway. Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

I’ll be back on Monday, if not sooner…in the meantime, go have yourself a responsible good time tonight.

And however you plan on conquering the world in 2009, I hope you are inspired, motivated, and dedicated enough to get it done!