After-Christmas Shopping

Erica and I didn’t go crazy on gifts for each other this year, but we did get each other a few little things. My biggest present to her was a wad of cash that she could take to a shopping mall in hopes of exchanging it for articles of clothing. Preferably some she could wear at her new job. On the saturday after Christmas we did just that, heading over to the Providence Place Mall in Providence, Rhode Island for some good ole’ American consumerism.

Though I love doing just about anything with Erica, shopping can be a pretty boring endeavor. To pass the time I pulled out the iPhone and snapped a few pictures.

Here I am at Express…or was it Lucky…or was it Gap…or was it Limited…or was it Ann Taylor…or was it Ann Taylor Loft? You get the point. This was the beginning of the trip, so I was in decent spirits. In fact, right after this picture was taken I went looking for a Dunkin Donuts to grab an ice coffee.

Found the Dunkin! (Yeah, there’s always a line for a DD in New England). Judging from this picture I was shaking violently from caffeiene withdrawal.

$130 for a pair of Lucky Jeans? I don’t think so. I tried them on, but they looked awful. And for the record, they were on sale for half-price. $65 is a bit more respectable, but like I said, they looked ridiculous.

Now this was much better. Got me some black…yes, black…jeans at the GAP on sale for $18.99.I’m a sucker for the clearance rack. (Not sure what face that is I’m making…I was going for “happy” and wound up with “I’m fake-surprised!”)

Erica couldn’t walk past this hideous leopard number at the GUESS store without modeling it for me. Also, did you know that all GUESS employees must wear white leather high-heeled boots at all times? Even when they sleep. May or may not be true.

This is what I look like sitting patiently at the first shoe store we stopped at.

This is what I look like when I lose track of how many shoe stores we’ve been to.

And speaking of making angry faces…this was Erica at an almost all-time high level of annoyance at the end of our shopping trip. She wanted to try on some watches at Macy’s and we stood at the counter for over 15 minutes before we got any service. The lone sales rep was busy gabbing away with a customer, refusing to wait on us. When we finally had a woman come over to assist us, she gave us an attitude. So we just left. The End.

What are your thoughts on the mall? Love it? Hate it? I actually enjoy going, but once I’m ready to leave…get me out of there ASAP.

Hope your next trip to the mall is a successful one, however you define it.