Conversation at Bagel Rising

the scene: Inside of Bagel Rising, a small bagel shop in Boston, Massachusetts where my brother Jordan works. This morning, Jordan sees a customer he recognizes from earlier in the month when they had a conversation about

Jordan: “Hey, last time you were here we were talking about Deadspin. My brother actually interviewed Will Leitch from Deadspin on his blog. It’s a sports/faith blog.”

Awesome Customer:
“Yeah, I’ve been to a few of those.”

Jordan: “His is called Prayers For Blowouts.”

Awesome Customer:
“Yeah ive been to that one! and i read that interview that he did with Will it was really good. That’s cool that he’s your brother.”

Jordan: “That’s cool that you read the interview.”

Aaaand scene.

Jordan later tells Bryan of this encounter. Bryan pumps his fist in delight several times, and then blogs about it. Which brings us to right now, because I just finished blogging this, but I can’t stop thinking in the third person. Or is it the second person. I don’t know, but I can’t stop typing either. This is kinda weird. I bet most readers are confused as they read this. I should probably hit the ‘post’ button.