Initial Fallout from the Leitch Interview

I apologize if you’re bored with the fact that I interviewed Will Leitch. I promise this will be last post on it. Or second to last. At least for today.

But here’s why this was so huge for me. In the 24 hours since I posted the interview…

…Will himself linked to my blog at Deadspin (I mentioned this yesterday). This caused traffic at Prayers For Blowouts to multiply by a factor of a gazillion. Okay, not that much. But I had more than a week’s worth of typical traffic in an 8-hour window yesterday. Pretty awesome.

…Jordan Green at the Burnside Writer’s Collective referred to my interview as “the get of gets” in the sports blogging world. He also referred to me in the title of the post as “The King of Sports Blogging”. (Although he might have been referring to Will there. That’s still up for debate.)

…I received very nice emails from two mainstream bloggers (hockey bloggers, no less). Craig Custance from the Sporting News and Greg Wyshynski from Yahoo! Sports “Puck Daddy” blog both wrote to say that had never seen the site before, and that they enjoyed the interview. Thanks for writing, guys!

…Sarah Palin wrote me to say that I did such a good job with the interview, she wished she could go back in time on her husband’s snow mobile time machine and have me interview her instead of Katie Couric.

…My brother Josh wrote me to say that being validated by the top guy in the field should help recognition of my writing explode exponentially! I like the sound of that. (more on Josh later today)

The one thing this whole thing has made me realize is that the readers are out there. You just have to keep working hard and keep doing a great job and be ready to catch the breaks when they zoom by. I caught a great break being able to interview Will, but now it’s back to working hard!

Your next break is on its way. It might be a day away or a month away, but it is on it’s way. Be ready for it. Whatever you spend your days doing, keep doing it, and keep doing it well!