My Interview With Will Leitch

I’m pretty stoked about this. Over at Prayers For Blowouts I interviewed someone who’s work I greatly admire. Will Leitch founded the sports blog a few years ago, and thanks to his writing and the niche that his site found, the site is now the #1 sports blog in the country (has been for a while actually). No sports site gets more scoops, and even though will has since moved on to write for New York Magazine, no site has as much impact on the sports landscape as Deadspin does.

Will still writes for Deadspin on occasion, and when he recently mentioned being a devoted churchgoer earlier in his life, I posted on PFB that I’d like to interview him. Since that post 7 days ago: Will contacted me to say he’d be honored to do an interview, I spent time writing up the interview questions, Will answered all my interview questions thoroughly and honestly, I sent him follow-ups, and he answered those too. Not bad for a holiday weekend!

The result is the interview I posted over at PFB today with Will Leitch. In it we cover the high school years Will spent in church, his ambition to chase his dreams, and the line between “too crass” and “too funny”.

The icing on the cake?

Will gave a shout out to Prayers For Blowouts in his Weekly Deadspin column today! For a sports blog, there’s few things cooler than a Deadspin link. Not to mention getting a compliment from the site’s founder, who said

“And speaking of God! My DC Talk-inspired column last week caught the attention of the Christian sports site Prayers for Blowouts, which is a much better site than many of you would probably think. For fun, I did an interview with them, in which I confess to seeing a Christian band that only covered Oak Ridge Boys songs.”

(if you’re not offended by sultry pictures of Tina Fey and coarse language, you can check out Will’s Deadspin post here, in the section on team #26. if you are offended by those things, then you can take my word for it.)

I might throw out my arm pumping my fist for that one. Thanks so much, Will!