Happy 30th Birthday Josh!

My brother Josh turned 30 years old today! Some of you have had the pleasure to meet him, but many of you haven’t.

Me and Josh, way back when

Me and Josh, way back when

Here’s some fun facts about Josh as he embarks on the 4th decade of his life…

+ I’ve probably spent more time with him than with any other person in my life. We were basically inseparable from the time He was born in 1978 until I moved away to school in 1994. That’s almost 16 years of being together. Erica will break this record eventually, but for a few more years Josh will hold this dubious honor.

+ Josh has never liked soda. When we were kids he would always say that it hurt his tongue. We all thought it was weird and figured he would grow out of it but he never has. Still doesn’t drink soda to this day.

+ I once broke Josh’s nose. It really wasn’t my fault though. We were pretty young and I convinced him to jump off the top bunk of our bunk beds. I told him I’d catch him. I didn’t. So, I guess it was my fault actually.

+ Josh was always tougher than me, despite being 2 years younger. If we ever got in a fight Josh would punch and wrestle. I would eye gouge and face rake. But hey, I’ve never claimed to be a fighter.

+ Josh played varsity soccer and basketball in High School, and remains a rebounding force on the playgrounds.

+ A few years ago Josh traveled to Bali and spent a couple months there. He’s got some amazing video footage of his trip, you should ask him about it if you ever see him.

+ Josh volunteered for the Red Sox Foundation during the first half of the 2008 season. He was there when Jon Lester threw his no-hitter. On Volunteer Appreciation Day Josh got us a chance to take Parker up on the Green Monster during his first trip to Fenway Park. Later, Josh and my other bro Jordan got to go down on the field.

Me, Parker, Jordan, and Josh

Me, Parker, Jordan, and Josh

+ Josh managed The Paradise Rock Club in Boston for a few years. Guess which venue was the first in the United States to host U2? Answer: The Paradise, back in March of 1981.

+ Speaking of The Paradise, a couple of years ago Josh got to hang out there with Jack Bauer. They had a drink together and Jack showed Josh how to snap someone’s neck using only your leg muscles.

Happy Birthday Bro! Enjoy your 30s!!!