Family Bowling Night

On Friday night we met up with our good friends Matt and Kendra for some sphere-chucking fun. We brought along our two little tykes. They brought their three.

Kylie was a bit of a grump, having decided to take a rare nap after school. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t fully awake until she stepped over the fault line on her first roll and activated the buzzer of death. Apparently Kendra’s kids did the same thing, though, so we were all dealing with grumpy kids until the chicken fingers and fries came out.

The kids warmed up eventually, and so did my arm. Even with a separate adult lane and children’s lane, it still took us so long to finish a game that we decided not to start a second. The kids had fun, though, and Kylie and Parker bowled a 56 and a 53, respectively (with bumpers). I bowled a 149, which was slightly better than Matt as I recall, even though he’s a better bowler than I am. Kendra broke 100. Erica did not. I think she had a 75. Feel free to rib her about this on facebook, at family reunions, and basically any time. (Just be nice about it or i break you face.)

Here’s some visual proof of the event…slightly doctored to account for the poor lighting.

Kendra, Matt, Erica, and Bryan

angry Kendra, angry Matt, angry Erica, and angry Bryan

The fam