Cellphone Video Cameras? Pshaw!

It was 3.5 years ago, February 2005, when some idiot wrote this diatribe on how useless it was for a cellphone to have video camera capabilities:

how about these new cell phones that take videos? how useless is this? i’ll tell you how useless. have you seen the commercial? some guy at a party knocks over a statue that crashes into an outdoor fish tank. the party’s host says “my insurance company is not going to believe this” and the girl next to him says something like “oh yes he will” because she’s captured the incident on her video phone. so that’s it. that’s the best they can do. it’s their first commercial for their video phone and the impression they want to leave you with is that ‘you might need this phone in case something breaks at one of your parties’. i cant make a better argument for why this is ridiculous. the people who came up with the technology cant think of any good uses for it, so good luck doing that yourself.

The idiot? It was me.

Let this be a reminder to myself the next time I think I’m smart.