When I Went To Ecuador With Caedmon's Call

If you’re a fan of Caedmon’s, you’ve probably seen this picture before. I believe it was actually the back cover art for the Share The Well CD. It was taken by David Dobson at a Hacienda in Ecuador right before the band left Ecuador to come back to the States in April 2004. BUT, right after that picture was taken, David switched lenses and took a shot of the whole group on that Ecuador trip.

Only problem was, I wasn’t there. I was 200 yards away in a courtyard watching over the band’s stuff. While I was sitting there I started to hear someone yelling my name. Apparently they were about to take the picture and realized that something, or someone, was missing…That someone was me. So they were all yelling my name, and I came running over. The sun was setting fast and we were running out of natural light to get the photograph. I was out of breath when I got there, and Josh threw his cowboy hat on my head right before David snapped the picture.

Speaking of that trip to Ecuador, I’ve finally posted my short journal I wrote while I was there, along with a few pics. If you’ve got a couple minutes, you might enjoy reading it:

Bryan Goes to Ecuador With Caedmon’s Call & Compassion International

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5

It was an a amazing trip and I am still thankful to Cliff and the band for asking me to go.