It’s raining here today. I’m not a huge fan. If a normal day can be graded on a scale of 1 to 10, i think rainy days have a ceiling of 9. No rainy day can go higher than a 9. Conversely, sunny days – like the guitar amp in Spinal Tap – can go up to 11. I love a good sunny day. With apologies to Donald Miller and Jordan Green, I don’t think I could live in the Northwest.

Someone asked me today if I would be using an umbrella when i walked to another building on our campus, but I said “No. Umbrellas are for women. And smart people. Therefore I’ll be getting wet.” And I did get wet, but that’s okay, because I’m a guy. A dumb guy, but a guy.

It reminds me of a short story we read in 8th grade English class about a family called The Saccharros. They avoided the rain like crazy, and one day they finally got caught outside in it and wouldn’t you know it…they melted. Turns out they were made of sugar. That story has always stuck with me, probably because it was a bit creepy. Often when people comment about getting caught in the rain, my response is, “well, it’s not like we’re made of sugar.” I have Mr. Burke to thank for that one.

Erica is giving me the evening to myself to spend a few hours writing, so I’m thankful and excited for that. The rain might not be the best thing for one’s mood, but some would probably say it has the opposite effect on one’s creativity. Guess we’ll find out…