my once-a-year friend

I’m visiting with my friend Shirley this year. I do every year about this time.

Six years ago she really saved my tuckus when i tried to do our taxes by myself and submitted forms that i knew i had filled out wrong. That night I went in to H&R Block and Shirley helped me set things straight. I’ve been meeting with her every year since, and even though it costs me more to have her do it than to do it myself, you can’t put a value on peace of mind.

30 minutes after I walk in to her office, I walk out with my taxes done, and with the peaceof mind that comes from knowing they have been done right. And hopefully, I walk out with a nice little black number that says I’ll be getting some money back.

My friend Than laughed at me because he gets his taxes done the moment he has all his necessary docs in. What about you? Do you get them done as soon as possible, or are you still putting it off?