on flung shrimp, brackets, and Viva la Vida

* Coldplay’s new album will be titled “Viva la Vida”, which means “Long Live Life”. It will be out on June 17th! Huzzah! There are only a handful of bands that I will make a point to grab their CD on release day, and Coldplay is certainly one of them. My friend Jon and I were talking about which Coldplay album is out favorite the other day – he went with Rush of Blood and I went with X&Y. From the other side of the room, my buddy Than just mocked us both, and pretended to sing in a falsetto like Chris Martin. Hater.

* I went with 2 brackets this year for the NCAA Tourney. I’ve got one in my Prayers For Blowouts Facebook Group and another at work. I usually go with 1 and play the whole “integrity” card, but it sucks when your bracket is ruined by Day 3 of the tourney. Since I only have 10 bucks riding on my work one, and no money on my Facebook one, I was ok doing two. How many, if any, do you have going?

* Speaking of twos, I’m going to be in 2 Fantasy Baseball Leagues this year. A keeper league that is doing a complete redraft tomorrow night (really looking forward to that) and a Prayers For Blowouts head-2-head league that should be a lot of fun (drafting on Easter Sunday night). Few things are as fun to me as fantasy drafts, so this should be a fun weekend for that.

* Speaking of Fantasy Sports,  last night I spent a couple hours writing for the book. I was tackling a chapter on a new Fantasy game I am inventing called Fantasy Church. It might be the most ridiculous chapter in the book when all is said and done, but if I can pull it off, it might also be one of the funniest. We’ll see…

*  Lots of Buzz going around the blogs (and the world) about Obama’s speech on racism. I read the entire transcript and thought it was fantastic. Good job by him. Still no idea who I will vote for on November 4th, and I’m okay with that.

*  All new episode of LOST tonight. So this is the last one before there’s a break, right? That’s what I thought I had heard. Then the show comes back at the end of April for the last 5 episodes of Season 4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

* Erica and I are going on a date tonight. woot. Probably hitting up Hibachi’s, our favorite Teppenyaki place, before catching a movie. It’s been a few weeks since our last date, so it will be great to get away. As I wrote over 5 years ago, my record at catching shrimp flung at me by Japanese chefs is near perfect.  At the time I was 12-13, and 5 years later, I still havent dropped one. I’m probably 24 for 25 at this point. Dang that rookie chef who ruined my perfect record. Hopefully, tonight I can keep the near-perfection going. I’ll report back tomorrow…