unsnowy winter

a few things here and there worth mentioning…

+ we havent had any significant snow here at all, and we’re almost halfway thru february. am i complaining? no.  but its crazy. ive only had to shovel one time. i guess it would be nice if the kids had a few inches to play in at some point, but i’m already ready for the spring.

+ Caedmon’s is back out on the road this week for their Overdressed Tour. Last time they hit the road I was with them, so a little part of me is wishing I was out with them again, because it’s so much fun. But they’ll be here in town 2 weeks from today, so I can’t complain. Should be a fun show.

+ Kylie had her first sleepover last night. I’m picking her up at noon. Can’t believe she’s old enough for sleepovers. I’m guessing she loved it though. she loves being with her friends.

+ I’ve been posting a lot over at my sports/faith blog Prayers for Blowouts. It’s been fun to have more content to share lately, and I’ve even had a new friend, Jason Boyett, doing some guest posting there. Jason has written a few books, and is a prety talented guy. Things are moving steadily along with my book. Trying to polish up a few chapters to send out with the proposal. When there’s something to report on that, I will.

+ Rumor has it that the Writer’s strike could end soon. Supposedly the writers are being presented with a deal today. Maybe if that happens they will air the second half of this season of LOST in the fall? that would be nice. lots of good stuff (and i use the term “good” loosely) on tv right now. LOST, Survivor, Big Brother (next week), and Project Runway (Erica got me sucked in).

+ softball practice starts tomorrow! we’ll be playing catch and some basketball. i bought a new glove this week, so I’m excited to break that puppy in.