Happy Birthday Erica!

My wonderful wife Erica turns 27 today, and to celebrate we are going to be going out to dinner with a bunch of friends to El Serrano, a great Mexican restaurant in Lancaster. Matt and Renee are coming down from Manhattan for the night, bringing some fresh baked cupcakes from the city as a surprise for Erica. For her birthday I got her a gift card to Kirkland’s Home, where she can go willy nilly buying decorations for the house. I also got her some pinkish-orangish roses yesterday, that are opening up on the kitchen table as i type. Matt and Kendra will be joining us tonight, as will Than and Kandace. After dinner we’re coming back to our place to hang out. Games, Stogies, and Yuengling may all be involved.

Erica’s 26th year was pretty amazing. She continued to hold her crown as the best mom and best wife of all time. She kept our home together through sickness and health, kept our bellies full with inventive and delectable meals, and oh, yeah, she even ran the Philly Marathon.

Feel free to send Erica a birthday wish if you like (ericaallain-at-yahoo-dot-com) …