10 stars

Two of my favorite albums of 2007 were each recently given a 5-star rating from Christianity Today. I love both of these albums not just because i consider their creators good friends of mine, but also because they are amazing collections of songs.

rcvryJeremy Casella’s RCVRY has wowed everyone from the critics to his singer/songwriter friends. (While in Texas with Caedmon’s Call I had a chance to talk to Derek Webb about the album, and his praise was effusive). I was so excited to see a louder voice like Christianity Today heaping praise on RCVRY, because it deserves it. Jeremy is also planning a tour right now that will go above and beyond the “singer/songwriter with his guitar” thing…he’s going to be using videos and recorded loops and instruments in an attempt to do RCVRY justice in a live setting. You can be sure I’ll be there to see that.

ccUnlike RCVRY, I’m not sure that Overdressed deserved all 5 stars that it got from Christianity Today. (4.5 feels about right). But since I helped promote the album and since i love the album, it’s all good. I’m the last person to go to for a subjective review of anything that has to do with Caedmon’s Call, but I still can say with all sincerity that I think this is one of the band’s best albums. The writing and musicianship on this Caedmon’s Call release are as good as it’s been in years for the band, and despite have 4 lead vocalists pass the mic from song to song, there is a continuity present on the album that makes it feel more like an album and less like a compilation.

Congrats Jeremy and Caedmon’s on the projects you’ve recently put out…i salute you with a golf clap and a head nod.