the NFL, the iPhone, and the Schnoz Report

+ I’m going to be filing some NFL Reports every week over at the Burnside Writers Blog. My plan is to provide an informed/comical/unorthodox look at each upcoming week of the pro football season. (Hopefully editor Jordan Green is ok with this since i never ran it by him). The Week 1 post will go up on Friday, but today i posted a pre-season report looking ahead to the 2007 season. There you can read about my fantasy team names (all 4 of them) and about my weekly bet with Erica. I’m calling the weekly feature “The Schnoz Report”, and here’s the graphic:


+ if you’re not interested enough to check out my predictions for the year, I’m taking the Patriots over the Saints in the Super Bowl. A boring selection, i know, but it’s what i landed on. I also like the Eagles, Rams, Bears, Cowboys, and Falcons to make the playoffs in the NFC and the Chargers, Colts, Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals to make it in the AFC.

+ Did you hear that Apple is giving $100 store credit back to early adopters who paid $599 for their 8GB iPhone before this week’s $200 price drop? It’s a good move by Steve Jobs, and one that i was thinking he should do about 24 hours before he announced it. Had i blogged about it, i would have looked smart, since i was thinking the exact same thing: $100 store credit. It’s a smart move because most of those folks will use that credit to buy something worth more than $100 and end up putting more money into Apple’s pockets. I’m guessing Steve planned this all along, and i think it’s brilliant that he didnt announce it yesterday. If he had, it would have come across as “nice, but still sucky that i paid way more for my iPhone”. But letting customers stew for 24 hours and then announcing the $100 credit? now it comes across as “Steve Jobs is giving me $100 back just when i started getting used to the fact that i paid more for my iPhone…this is awesome!” I bet Seth Godin would agree that the timing was perfect on this one.