oh happy day

tomorrow. glorious tomorrow. when i return home and get to be with my wife and kids. so excited.

the liveblog is finished. 50 posts in 3 days. lots of pictures, videos, and inside info. today we’ve had over 600 unique visits to the site. yesterday it was over 700. I feel like it’s been a major success all around and I’m really proud of how it turned out. I’m sure something similar has been done by some band, somewhere, but for me this was kindof unprecedented. I took a local set of radio gigs and a small show in Houston and turned them into a national story. not that the whole nation was paying attention, of course, it’s just that people from all over the country could follow along as if they were there.

When you have a band like Caedmon’s Call, where the personalities of the folks in the band are just as important as the music, then any chance you can get to showcase those people off, the better. That’s why i think this liveblog was so important, and that’s why i consider it to be a success. We’ll see what first week and first month sales look like, and even though i know that i had basically nothing to do with them, i will surely beam with an ounce of pride if the numbers are good.

but more importantly, i’m going home tomorrow. freaking awesome.