golf, google, and caffeine

+ My Dad and my Uncle Tom finished first in their division in the annual July Invitational Golf Tournament at the Fall River Country Club last weekend, earning them a spot in the Finals. According to my dad, they “played like crap” in the Finals, but i guess that gives them something to shoot for next year. Congrats, dad!

+ I thought this table was pretty interesting. It lists out a whole slew of liquid beverages and gives you the caffeine in milligrams for each. click on the “mg/oz” column header to sort by potency. some interesting ones: Coke Classic and Coke Zero: 2.88 mg/oz, Mountain Dew: 4.58 mg/oz, McD’s coffee: 9.06 mg/oz, Starbucks Coffee: 23.25 mg/oz, regular drip coffee: 18.13 mg/oz, Jolt Cola: 9.36 mg/oz, Monster Energy Drink: 8.75 mg/oz.

+ Best.Thing.Ever.Alert: Google Mobile Texts. For those of us without iPhones who need info from the internet but cant get access, maybe now you can. You can text simple searches to Google (466453) and get results back to your phone. I’ve used it 4 times in the last few weeks and it is brilliant. it’s like having the internet on your phone, but not paying cingular the $40 stinking bucks a month they want. you can even preview the service using your computer to see how it works. i’ve used it so far to get the weather report, check the score on the red sox game, get a directory listing for a golf course, get directions to that golf course, and to get a movie time. Color me impressed.