tv, radio, and waking up

+ With Dan Patrick leaving ESPN Radio, I’ll cast my vote for his replacement as Eric Kuselius. Eric did the Sports Bash show on ESPN during my commute home for many years and I came to love his insightful commentary, his enthusiasm for sports, and they way he did his job. I’ve missed him since he went to do NASCAR Now for ESPN TV. (His replacement John Seibel grates on me like nails on a chalkboard, i can’t take him). If Eric takes Dan’s place as the 1pm-4pm host on ESPN Radio, it will become appointment listening for me while I’m at work. The only other person who would do that for me would be if Tony Kornheiser came back.

+ Big Brother 8 has been enjoyable as always in its first week. I have one suggestion for them to improve the show however. They need to fix the Power of Veto. It’s still broken. There’s very little incentive for anyone to ever use it, because doing so usually puts you at odds with those in power in the house. Here’s my suggestion on how to fix it. There needs to be a veto bank. At the beginning of the show, stock the veto bank with $2000. If whoever wins the first veto chooses to NOT to use it, $2000 is added to the veto bank for the next time. This continues until someone uses the Power of Veto, at which point they win all of the money in the Veto Bank. Then the bank goes back down to $2000 (or whatever value works better as a starting point) and it starts all over again. Like i said, there’s just not enough incentive for folks to use the Veto right now, and tugging at their wallets and purses with a little cash would make Tuesday nights so much more interesting. what do you think, geof?

finger clock
+ An alarm clock that wakes you up without noise? Sounds good to me. you put those rings on your finger and they vibrate to wake you up (and not the other person in your bed). pretty cool, i say.

+ going golfing today…woot!