Let Story Guide You

donald millerI posted the news yesterday that Don Miller’s next book will be out in early 2008 and will be titled Let Story Guide You. For a while now we were all under the impression that A Map of Eden, a story about his activist friend Adam Bybee, would be his next published work.

“Let Story Guide You” is actually the name of a lecture that Don has been giving over the past year. You can purchase it here i think, if you want to listen to it. ($9 is a bit steep in my opinion, though)

I followed that post up today with a quick little mini-interview with Don regarding his new book that we did over the email internetweb thing. here it is if you’re interested:

Bryan: Do you have an official release date yet for Let Story Guide You?

Don: Yeah, we are hoping to have it on the shelves on January 8th, which is of course very soon, so I am working pretty hard trying to wrap it up. It’s consuming my time right now. But it is a fun project, so that helps.

Bryan: Does the release of Let Story Guide You affect the future release of A Map of Eden at all?

Don: It does. I completed A Map of Eden and decided not to publish it. There were more than a few reasons, but in the end I did not feel like the book was ready. It needed another rewrite, which can take six months. I decided to put the next book on the front burner. I think that was good decision. A Map of Eden, though, will not see daylight for another few years. That was hard for me, but it was the right decision.

Bryan: Is it true that you originally wanted to call the book “A Story is Worth 1,000 Doctrinal Statements” but the idea was shot down by the publisher?

Don: Pure rumor. Actually, this is not a Christian book, as they say. It’s just a straight book about life and for people who want to live better lives. It is interesting writing a book that isn’t spiritual or religious in nature and I am greatly enjoying the experience. It’s increasing my faith in many ways because I feel like I am writing a book about the life God created, not unlike a botanist writing about plants. I find it a refreshing change for a moment.

Bryan: At what point did you realize that the “Let Story Guide You” lecture should be a book, or was it a book idea before it was a lecture?

Don: I was on a plane out of Portland and had the idea, then opened my computer and had the outline completed by the time I got to Washington D.C. I’ve never outlined a book before. Writers will understand when I say “this book was given to me.” And I feel that way when I am writing it, too. It just feels like the book is being given to me each day, and, well, I will take it.

Much thanks to Don for the timely responses. I’m excited to get my hands on this one. Who knows, maybe i can even finagle a pre-release copy??