reason #835 i hate the yankees

one more reason to hate the yankees…from the New York Times’ Tyler Kepner, referencing Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling losing a no-hitter with one out left to go in the ninth inning yesterday…

The Yankees watched the end of Schilling’s game in the clubhouse Thursday afternoon. When Shannon Stewart broke up the no-hitter, the room erupted in cheers, players bursting from their seats and shouting.”

wow, i hate the yankees.

just for that, let’s get an update on the standings as we approach the middle of June.

BOS 38 21 —
TRNT 28 31 10.0
BALT 28 32 10.5
NYY 27 31 10.5
TAM 26 32 11.5

ok, that feels much better.