new look

if you read this blog in a feed reader, then you won’t even notice the new theme i’m using. click on over and check it out.

i’m not done playing with the graphics yet, i’d like to throw all sorts of little icons and images up on the top there. so stay tuned for that.

last night erica and i had a great date night. we ate at an upscale restaurant on the Main Line called Nectar. I think our Jetta was the only “regular” car in the valet-parked lot. (the place was littered with BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches, and i even saw an Astin-Martin). After dinner we did some shopping. I picked up a pair of XL running shorts, only to come home and realize that they were boys XL. it was a terrifying sight when i put them on. Erica picked up a new pair of running shoes, the new Nike+ Pegasus, and then we came home. We watched a chick flick, “Catch and Release”, and then called it a night. Thanks out to Jordan for watching the kids tonight on short notice.

On tap today, we’re staining our deck (which i designed myself, incidentally). Should take most of the day. Jordan left us his wii, so i might try to sneak in a few minutes of that as well…

off to be bob vila