NFL06: The Final Four

4 potential Super Bowl matchups.

Patriots-Saints: This is my preferred choice. I’m rooting for the Pats all the way. Casual fans would get behind the Saints. The story of the year versus the football team of the decade.

Patriots-Bears: Rematch from the Super Bowl 21 years ago. This is probably the least sexy of all Super Bowl Matchups, so CBS is hoping it doesnt turn out this way.

Colts-Bears: Uber-offense versus Uber-defense. Manning going for his first title against one of the best defenses in the league. I’d least like to see this matchup.
Colts-Saints: Two high-powered offenses going head to head…this one would probably be alot of fun. Reggie Bush would return a punt for a touchdown…you just know he would.

Who do i like this weekend? Like i said, my heart is rooting for both road teams. But i really don’t see how the home teams are going to lose.

Should be fun.