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+ Directv / TiVo issues are apparently happening to alot of folks recently. The problems revolve around the Season Pass function not working properly. I got screwed by it the other day when the TiVo didnt record The Office and i had to buy it on iTunes for $1.99. Maybe i should sue them? They better get this fixed before LOST comes on. Lord knows i don’t want to have to manually record it! geesh.

+ for a while most of us thought that LOST would go about 6 seasons. The way it looks now, it will be lucky to last 5. The show’s braintrust have already said that Season 4 will be run just like FOX’s 24, 22 straight episodes, and that they are in talks with ABC regarding the hows and whens of wrapping up the show. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof often speak about the X-Files, and how the show overstayed it’s welcome and, as a result, didn’t pay off loyal viewers in the end. Glad to know that they are willing to learn from other’s mistakes. full story here.

+ this game is a very addicting one. I’ve gotten through the last level with a final score of somewhere around 18000 points. You spend money on weapons to kill things which earns you more money. But when you clear a level, you gain interest on your money, so the idea is to optimize. Use just enough weapons to get you through so that you can maximize interest. i know it doesn’t sound fun, but there’s something inherently enjoyable about blasting a sheep to smithereens, no?