NFL06 Playoff Predictions

No money riding on the playoffs for me…this is when i just enjoy the games.

Folks often ask me who my favorite team is, and it’s not a simple answer. I grew up rooting for the Cowboys, and that hasn’t changed. I grew up in New England, and enjoy rooting for the Patriots. So that’s basically where my allegiances lie. If they faced each other in the Super Bowl? I’d probably be cheering for guys with the stars on their helmets, but I would be happy for both teams. In relative terms, though, compared to my love for the Red Sox i don’t really have a favorite NFL team…i just like watching the games.

With being said, who would i like to see win it all? Well, since my pre-season pick didn’t even make the playoffs (5 of my 12 playoff teams were incorrect…ouch), i’ll go with my heart and say the cowboys followed by the patriots, saints, chargers, and…well..i guess the Eagles. I just feel so bad for Philly fans…they really do deserve a title…and wouldnt it be crazy if the QB who gave it to them was Jeff Garcia and not McNabb? I would find that very amusing.

My picks for this weekend: I’m going with the chalk in the AFC and taking one road dog in the NFC:

Indy 48, KC 23

Dallas 28, Seattle 24

New England 28, NYJ 10

Philly 31, NYG 20

(right now I’m seeing a San Diego-Baltimore AFC Championship and a Dallas-New Orleans rematch for the NFC Crown with a Ravens-Saints SuperBowl…tracking)