NFL 06 Picks in retrospect

And so concludes another year of picking NFL games against the spread. A pastime that is as maddening as it is enjoyable.

4 weeks ago, i contemplated just picking underdogs…and at the last second decided to just go with my gut. wrong move? perhaps. but in the end it’s all good.

I ended the season with a record of 137-119. Not bad. Had i just gone ahead and chosen all underdogs in the last 4 weeks i would have finished with 144 wins. The winner of the pool? He finished with 143 wins. So yeah, had i gone with the dogs I’d have won $500. oh well.

My total of 137 was good enough for 3rd place though, barely beating out my dad for that bronze medal thanks to Rex Grossman’s horrid performance on Sunday night. And for that i think i get $125. So that’s cool. Add that to the $50 i won in Week 2 for going 14-2 and in the end my $50 entry fee turned a $125 profit.

Will i kick myself for not going with the dogs? Maybe for a few more days…then I won’t give it another thought. As i’ve said before, picking games against the Vegas Spread is a total crapshoot. The fact that i’ve been able to place in the top 5 more than once over the past few years is pretty sweet. Here’s my finishes:

2002: Tied for first place (not sure my record or how many guys participated, but i ended up with second place prize money thanks to a dumb tiebreaker)

2003: 30th out of 35, 122-134 (sophomore slump)

2004: 4th out of 34, 141-115 (finished just out of the money)

2005: 8th out of 37, 138-118

2006: 3rd out of 33, 137-119

4 out of 5 times I’ve finished in the top eight. luck or skill? who knows.

join me next year as i try and figure it out all over again.

ps…coming into week 17 i was tied for 4th, so what did i do? i went with all dogs in week 17 and i went 11-5 (including 4-0 in the late games) to finish in the money. woof woof.