crikey nostradamus, it's!

  • my bro jordan pointed this out to me this weekend: if you read my ramblings post from September 14th, 2004, you’ll find an eerie prediction with regards to the Croc Hunter. Granted, I’m sure I’m one of 4,511 people who predicted he’d die doing what he loved, but still, I thought i should mention it. And while I’m here, I feel terrible for his family, who lost a loving father and husband. I can’t imagine having to deal with such loss.
  • well Geof, i went with my gut instead of taking all dogs. with the Monday Night game pending I am 8-7 so far for the week. Not bad. Had i taken all the dogs in our pool (i think one game’s spread was listed incorrectly) i would have went 11-4. Much better. Oh well. still in third place and need the Rams to keep it close tonight.
  • I’m happy to announce today that is live! This is the first website that i’ve ever been hired by someone to do, so I’m glad to have it finished. I think it looks pretty sharp and Kevin is happy with it, so that’s all i can ask for. I think i’ll not take on any more projects for a week or two to enjoy the holiday season and then start looking for work again as January rolls around. Nice to have that first one under my belt. Besides being a great guy, Kevin is an independent rockstar from Nashville, who’s latest CD, “Nashville To Jesus”, was produced by Caedmon’s Call’s Andrew Osenga. You should check him out…and his music too!