only in lancaster

so this morning i…

…ran into the hardware store to buy some duct tape (don’t ask why. the story involves my side mirror, my garage, my trashcan, and my incompetence). the guy at the register who ran my credit card through was amish. you see that, amish folks are getting with it too! they might not use credit cards, but they know how to ring up customers who use them.

…went to the dentist. spent 10 minutes talking to the female dental hygenist about the chances the Eagles had of making the playoffs while we waited for the dentist to show up. And wouldn’t you know it, but i had no cavities! First time i’ve received a good report from the dentist in a LONG time. i celebrated with a coke and some sugary candy.

…avoided horsecrap that was all over the road.

…drove past a PA State Trooper going faster than the posted speed limit. 67 in a 55. didnt get pulled over, thankfully.

i submit to you that only in lancaster county, pa can you experience that in your morning.