Look for LOST later

just caught wind of this story…LOST is being moved to 10pm when it returns on February 7th. Why? Because ABC has decided not to pick a fight with American Idol for the 9pm slot on Wednesday Nights. Good move? I don’t know. Being a TiVo guy, It doesnt matter much to me. We used to start watching around 9:30pm and finish up by 10:15pm. Now we won’t start until 10:15pm and we’ll probably finish a few minutes after 11pm. No biggie really.

Personally, i think it’s probably a smart move. The die-hard fans will watch it no matter when it’s on. Casual fans would probably rather watch Simon Cowell berate someone. And of course you can always get the episode off of iTunes the next day.

I do have to say, i like this long layoff in the middle of the season compared to they sporadic schedule of last year. Being the compartmentalizer that i am, i’ve put my LOST box up on the shelf and havent thoght about it much lately. Come February, I’ll bring it back down again, happy to know that i’ve got 17 straight episodes to look forward to. Let’s hope that the show continues to deliver.