needles and family

i hate needles. hate ’em.

headed off to the dentist right now. this chipped molar has been bugging me to the tune of 2 advil every 6 hours lately. so whatever the fix is, i’m ready for it. only problem is that the fix will certainly involve a needle, and i hate that. especially into the soft tissue of my gums. arrrggg.

not a whole lot else going on. had a good weekend. visited the gravesite of my grandfather-in-law yesterday with his wife and lots of family. it was a year ago last week that he passed away. we sang a couple hymns and shared a few memories before heading over to an aunt’s house for some coffee. we stayed for a few hours, watched football, ate some fried chicken, and enjoyed the company of family. it was fun.

Erica and i were thinking about our families on the way home, how blessed we are to each come from an amazing one. We know lots of people who can’t (or at least don’t) say the same thing. We are very grateful.

and since i’ve been telling you of my NFL pick exploits for the past few months, i feel obligated to tell you that in the 9 1:00pm games yesterday i went a perfect 0-9. not a single game right against the spread. zilch. i won 2 of the final 4 games of the day, but what an awful effort. this is why i put about 20 cents on each game, and not $20.

off to that horizontal dentist’s chair…wish me luck.