back home

well my 3 weeks of travelling are finished. pretty happy about that. In the past few weeks i saw Pittsburgh, Nashville, and Boston, logged over 1500 miles of driving, got to hang out with a bunch of cool folks, most notably my bro Josh. fun times but good to be home.

forgot to mention this before, but last week i was eating a crab wonton and chipped a molar. very unfortunate. my teeth are terrible. i keep good care of them, but it’s in the genes. soft teeth. after further investigation of the wonton, it appeared that there was a piece of crabshell in it. I guess that explains how i cracked my tooth…or not. I mean, a diamond shard i could understand, but a crabshell? anyway, upon further investigation of the tooth it was clear to me that the tooth was not in good shape. it had already had a cavity and was a bit brown in spots, which frankly, is gross. i think i’ll change the subject.

that terrible week i was waiting for with my NFL picks finally came. I’m 4-8 right now awaiting the Monday Night winner. I’m still in first place, but someone is tied with me now. And lots of folks have caught up. But hey, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m happy to still be competing. Next week I’ma show em.

Dunkin Donuts is my friend.

i am in the mood to sell things on Ebay. Things that i don’t want so that i can buy things that i do want. i’ll post some of the auctions up here if/when that happens.