catalyst, candy bars, and a bored mom

seems like most of my posts are a collection of the random things happening in my world. this one will be no different…

  • i spoke at Catalyst last night. No not that Catalyst, this Catalyst. I thought it went well. Much better than the last time i spoke, both in content and delivery. But it’s so hard to tell with these types of things because you’re basically just glaring into bright lights while you speak so you cant really garner any feedback from the listening (or not listening) faces. If only one person benefitted from it then it was definitely worth it.
  • (if you don’t watch LOST, this post might be of no interest to you) I havent really been following along to the LOST Experience Game like i thought i would. Some folks are pretty involved. I’m just planning on reading a good synopsis when it’s finished. Apparently this game is going to give us insight into the LOST numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) and into the DHARMA initiative (which we now know stands for Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications Initiative). Currently folks have been collecting glyph codes that unlock small bits of another orientation video. when they are all assembled, we’ll have more info on Hanso and DHARMA. I do know that the game has 5 phases. right now it’s in the 3rd or 4th. The cool thing is, they are doing a wonka-esque promotion right now, handing out Apollo Candy Bars at various places. Some have a “golden oracle” on them. This is all being tracked at somehow. I would love to get a candy bar, just for the nostalgia aspect of it, and they are giving them away in Harrisburg on 9/2 at the Kipona Festival. Unfortunately i will be at the Beach with Catalyst that weekend. Someone go to the festival and grab me one, eh?
  • I’ve got Photoshop CS finally installed on my iMac and i finally got my new printer to work, so things are progressing in my MacWorld. Today I’ll probably purchase Windows XP and Parallels so that we can run some software on the Mac that Erica needs to use for her business. (This same software will help us track business expenses, including XP and Parallels). Speaking of which, her first show is tonight and I’m pretty excited about it. I won’t be there, of course, but I’m excited for her. I just designed some business cards for her that i’ll be ordering through this week. I think they look alot better than the business card choices she was offered through the company. Her cards will be pink. That’s all you need to know.
  • so i have this mole on my stomach that apparently needs to be removed according to one of erica’s aunts. it’s not raised or assymetrical or anything, but it’s slightly bigger than a pencil eraser which is a red flag. I’m told it could easily develop into a malignant melonoma, so better to have it removed. Guess i should schedule that.
  • So many CDs i want to buy: Sleeping At Last’s “Keep No Score”, Anathallo’s “Floating World”, Sandra McCracken’s “Gravity | Love”, Matthew Perryman Jones’ “Throwing Punches in the Dark”, and there’s proabbaly more i can’t think of right now. if only music was free…
  • Speaking of free music, my boy Derek Webb is releasing his most recent album, Mockingbird, online for FREE. Not just streaming it, but literally letting you download the entire thing for free. Why? Because he’s crazy i guess. Actually he’ll tell you why on the site he set up for it, It will be available for you at midnight on September 1.