first day of school

this morning was that fateful day when as parents you ship off your oldest child to school on the bus. We know that Kylie is going to have a blast and that she’ll excel in kindergarten, but it’s still hard to let go. We’re basically giving her up for 8 hour chunks 5 days a week. Of course, i do that every day when i head to work, so this might be harder on Erica, but i used to leave her knowing that she’d be with Erica all day.

Anyway, it was an exciting morning, and i was able to snap a few pictures to share.

this one is actually from yesterday at Kylie’s orientation

Here’s Erica getting Kylie’s hair ready this morning while the kids eat pancakes.

Kylie and parker ready to head up to the bus stop.

Daddy and his kiddos waiting for the bus.

There’s the bus. It’s go time.

Kylie’s sitting on the bus with her friend who lives across the street. Ready or not, there she goes!

another milestone come and gone…wow.