lessons learned

a few things i learned this week that might help you out as you walk through life:

1. Never eat taco bell after 7:30pm if the only thing you’ve eaten all day was a breakfast sandwich and some snack mix.

2. Never bet on the Red Sox winning a game when Julian Tavarez is prominently involved.

3. Never, EVER, try to book a hotel at the beach the day before. Especially not in August.

4. Never drink coffee at 8pm when you know it will keep you up.

5. Never think it will take you 30 minutes to get somewhere when construction traffic is involved.

6. Never drive 90 mph in a 35 mph zone (that lesson courtesy of jordan’s new roommate).

7. Never promise your wife a 2-room suite by the beach and then wait until the day before and only deliver a 2-double bed room. (i thought it was worth repeating).

so yeah, we’re off to the beach tonight for 2 nights. It should be fun. First true family vacation with just the four of us. Weather should be fantastic. I’ll be carting along my XM headset to listen to the sox-yanks while sitting in the sand (thanks geof).

next week should be a busy week, so the timing on this vacay couldn’t be better.

peace, love, and salt water taffy…bryan