charlestown chews and sushi

there’s really not a lot going on right now it seems. this week has been a great week, though. having erica back has been awesome. her pictures and stories from guatemala were pretty cool too. thanks to everyone who gave. i’m trying to push her to share some of them in a blog or something.

so yeah, back to the boring week that was-slash-is. we went to home depot today and got a new light and hanging plant for our deck. erica and i talked about my 30th bday and how i don’t want a party for it. i’m glad she asked because her silence on the whole thing was getting me worried. seriously, parties are great and all, but i really don’t need one. not sure what she’s getting me yet. either she’ll go out on her own and try to surprise me or we’ll talk about a trip somewhere or a new shiny thing as a gift. which reminds me, only about 2 months left of my twenties.

i’m about to eat a frozen strawberry charlestown chew. and yes, it might be the highlight of my day.

watched “Firewall” with Harrison Ford last night. well, harrison wasnt there. but he was starring in the movie. Nothing special, really. i might have been disappointed had i spent $9.50 to sit in a theater to see it. but cuddled up with erica in our basement, having just eaten some sushi together, made it an awesome night. it was just watching a dumb movie, but being with the one you love the most makes it a special event. knowing that there truly is nowhere else on earth you’d rather be at that exact time, realizing how corny it is, but knowing that it is 100% true…it is just an amazing thing. i never want to take a night with Erica for granted, because i’m not promised one more.

so yeah, erica’s working tonight. i think i’ll try to call D-Webb and connect with him as we’ve been playing phone tag since wednesday. i need to call Osenga too. and i need to eat my charlestown chew. think i’ll do that now.