midnight run

I couldn’t be more excited to get Erica tonight. It’s a midnight pickup in Philly. 1 week is a long time to go without your best friend when you spend every single day with them. 7 hours and change…

listening to the Catalyst Podcast right now. Rob Bell has some pretty interesting things to say. the one quote i really liked was this “If a church was removed from its community, how many people who aren’t a part of the church would be grieved?” good food for thought, eh? As he puts it, “Jesus calls us to be a compelling force for good”. I’d add some thoughts but i’m still digesting it all.

I finished the Godfather II last night. Not sure if/when I’ll see Part III. I enjoyed both pasrt I and II. I think i liked the first one better, though the flashbacks to young Vito in II were intriguing. very LOST-esque.

looks like MuteMath is definitely not going to be at Purple Door. Their Tour Dates page shows them in the UK that weekend now. I’ve also heard that LoveDrug won’t be there, but their Myspace page still shows them as playing on Friday night.

I’m definitely enjoying Big Brother this season. I’ll have some more thoughts on it in a week or two. I need to let Erica catch up first.

President Bush said the ‘s’ word. tsk tsk.

word to your moms…bry