an offer he can't refuse

  • picking up erica at the aeropuerto in 46 hours…not that I’m counting or anything
  • jordan and i watched The Godfather for the first time tonight. long, but enjoyable. tomorrow we tackle part II.
  • hot weather is headed our way. rumors that we’ll hit 100 on monday or tuesday. this is about the time i start daydreaming about crisp autumn breezes.
  • hit a homer and a triple and went 4-8 over a doubleheader on friday night. i lined out to the shortstop with 2 on and 2 out down 2 runs to end the first game, but we won the second to manage a split.
  • we mulched around the deck yesterday and it looks great. i also golfed yesterday and played so-so. in a related story, i am sore.
  • beat up on Erica’s aunts in Quiddler today. it was a nice change of pace from beating them up in Scrabble like i usually do. haha, they would laugh if they knew i blogged about my exploits.
  • i’m digging the new Keane CD, only been through it 1.5 times so far.
  • time for bed. actually, past time for bed…