Ericaless in Seattle

Erica left for Guatemala yesterday so it’s me and the kids this week. We’ve got sitters lined up so i can work, and evenings and weekends are mine. So far so good, though i already miss my better half and we’ve got 6 days left. Hopefully they are having a great time, learning, growing, and serving.

My deck is finished and like Teri Hatcher said on Seinfeld, it looks “spectacular”. Here’s some visuals.

not bad, eh? thanks to Dan and Chad for the work in getting it done and doing such a good job.

tonight i’ll be watching the Midsummer Classic with jordan, maybe do some cleaning up around the house, and trying not to get to bed too late.

Oh and here’s a belated birthday shoutout to my man Freim, who turned 30 on saturday. I’d offer condolensces for him being so old, but this is the guy who, in college, once said he wished he was 35. 5 years left and your there buddy. looking forward to seeing you in september when you tie the knot with renee.

i’m out like Manny from the All-Star Game…