not sure what prompted this post, but it seems like a good idea. so i’ll roll with it. this is who i am, via the internet.

i will be 29 yrs old on September 28th. i share a birthday with such wonderful actresses like Hilary Duff, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mira Sorvino.

i am married to the most incredible combination of beauty, wits, grace, intelligence, and compassion on the planet and we have two amazing kids. visual proof.

this is my blog, which i neglect way too much. i used to use this space to try and be funny. a few times i was actually successfull i think. check out this, this, this, that, that, or the other thing. Lately i have been writing skimpy book reviews, picking NFL games, ranting about the red sox, or just giving random updates on my life.

i love music. my favorite band of all time is Caedmon’s Call, an intense acoustic/folk/ septet from Houston/Nashville. I’ve been a fan of the band since 1997, and lucky enough to call them friends for the past few years. They’ve sold over a million records, but I’m guessing the highlight of their careers was when they traveled to Ecuador with me last April on a Compassion International trip. That was incredible.

I’m also big into indie rock/emo/whateveryouwanttocallit right now. Bands like Mae, Copeland, The Mint, Lovedrug, Switchfoot, and Sleeping at Last are creating the sounds i like these days. But i still have a place for those independent Nashville singer/songwriters. Among my favorites are Derek Webb (who i am lucky enough to call ‘friend’ as well), Andy Osenga (ditto), Randall Goodgame (double ditto), and Andrew Peterson (he hates me…just kidding).

one of my hobbies is designing and running websites. I run and, which are cool fan sites for those artists. Our Forum has over 800 members, and is one of the tightest communities online, imho. My site is so off the shizzle, we got mentioned in July 2003 edition of CCM Magazine. I also run my softball league’s website and my church’s website. if i could do it for a living, i would.

i received a Chemical Engineering degree in 1998 from WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts. I even kicked a little tush while i was there.

i play guitar, and one random tablature i wrote up in college is now the gold standard for All Star United’s “Savior of My Universe“. pretty comical.

i work in the pharmaceutical industry as a validation engineer. don’t ask what that is, i don’t have a good answer.

other things i like: cheez-its, playing softball, dave matthews, poker, reality TV, LOST, sushi, the NFL, spending the holidays with family, and bookstores. love bookstores.

that’s it for now i guess.