today, i am old.


it seems like just yesterday i was turning 20 and mourning the loss of my teens.

suddenly my 20s are gone as well.


i guess the lesson to be learned is that if i spend too much time mourning the loss of my twenties, i’ll soon be 40.

so i guess its time to enjoy my thirties.

i think i’ll start a year early. i was always one for rounding up anyway.

things to do before i turn 30.

gee, i wish i had a list. but then again, i’d rather not live by a script. or should i say, i’d rather not have to look back and feel bad that i didn’t stick to the script. i never usually do.

so so much to be thankful for, though. and i am. very thankful. and very hopeful. this much i know: i get to live my life with my 3 favorite people in the world by my side. not sure how many people can say that and mean it.

thanks for your cards, your presents, your money, and your ipods. (it’s not too late to send that ipod if you forgot).

i gotta go be 30. 29. whatever…