Hey, I'm Bryan.

Ten years ago I left a 15-yr career as a Chemical Engineer to pursue my passion of writing and creating. In addition to writing two middle grade novels, I’ve worked with YouTube stars, platinum selling bands, and best-selling authors. I love playing golf and I even made a hole-in-one on my 40th birthday. It’s been downhill on the course ever since.

Erica & I have been married for 23 yrs, most of which we spent raising two great kids. In 2019 we tragically lost our amazing son, Parker, to an accidental overdose, but we (along with our incredible daughter, Kylie) press on in hopes of honoring him and glorifying God with our lives.


What am I creating these days?

Our Grief Journey

We lost our amazing 16-y.o. son Parker in 2019 to an accidental overdose, and writing about our family’s journey has been helpful for me (and, apparently for others as well).

My Grief Blog: No New Normal

My Middle-Grade Novels

My debut novel, LAKE MASON AND THE FIRESTONE FIRES, was released in 2021. The sequel, LAKE MASON AND THE SUPER Q TRIALS, was released in Dec. 2022!

Grab a copy or learn more here!

Bag Chatter Golf

My buddy Adam Shorey and I love competing and goofing around on the golf course. Check out our YouTube Channel and find us on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Check out the channel!
Our family – Summer 2019


Middle grade author, golf nut, Erica's hub, Kylie & Parker's dad