Jon Foreman on songwriting

“As far as when I’m specifically (writing for) one or the other (Switchfoot or other projects), usually I’m just writing to express myself. Most of the stuff no one’s ever going to hear. And that used to really bug me, and I’d realize that’s actually the way we live our lives. Most of what we do, no one’s ever going to know that you’ve done it. Who do you do it for? And, ultimately, there’s an audience of One paying attention. And so, if that doesn’t give it supreme significance, then we’re living in a lie that somehow because more people heard it, it’s more significant. And for me as a songwriter, it gives me as a real ability to attack every song with the idea that this is significant simply because I make it in the condition of the maker itself. Not because someone else might deem it valuable or un-valuable, but because its inherent value lies in the fact that I’m made in the image.”

(full interview here)

66 Backers, $4145 Raised, 5 Days Left

growth5Kickstarters are hard work.

This 30-day campaign has been a grind, but I’m not complaining. Most good things are hard.

You know what’s made it less hard? These people. These 66 wonderful folks who have backed my project at levels ranging from $1 to well over $100. (No idea why someone would just give $1, but whatever.)

So thank you Kyle Reed, Shawn Smucker, Jeff Goodrich, Tim Payne, Chad Gibbs, Aaron Motta, Tyler Stanton, Jason Gausta, Mike Lukaszewski, Brian (?), Jon Acuff, Austin Gilly, Ernie Reppe, Alyssa Kawata Dan Geesaman, Erica Allain, David henderson, Howard Fryberger, Mike Yoder, Peter Pollock, Justin Lemiuex, Peter Carosa, Phil Stasyszen, Nate and Kandace DaCosta, Rob Stennett, Bill Schulz, Richard Allain, Chris Dearolf, Dan Baudin, Dan West, Tom and Deb Motta, Jon Hilton, Gary Fisher, Ron Millward, Karyn Eaton, Matt Gronseth, Clay Morgan, Steph Kandray, Tor Constantino, Callie Ferguson, Josh Allain, Tripp Crosby, Kevin Haggerty, Jordan Allain, Doug and Melinda Kaufman, Sara Corman, Brian Donaldson, Hannah Rush, Keith Cotton, Al Segro, Joe Craven, Mike Stoltzfus, Tim Cranmer, Dave Pointek, Matt Sorenson, Donnie Murdock, Stewart Conkle, Phil Morris, Doris Hilton, Jon Graham, John Moulton, Jack Goodwin, Manny Olawale, Phil Morris, Mike Vardy, Chad Jones, David Urrutia, and Philip Wiebe.

There is still work to be done. I need over $800 in pre-orders in 5 days.

And then I will rest…

Just kidding, then I’ve got a book to ship! Yeehaw!!!

Pre-order your book and support the project here:

That time I was on national TV with an apple in my mouth

Had a chance to go to the Women’s U.S. Open on Sunday and had a great time walking around Lancaster Country Club watching these women play amazing golf.

Also had a great time standing in the perfect location to get on television while holding an apple in my mouth while standing next to Jackson who was holding a banana in his mouth.

Take it away, Greg Norman.

Bucket List Item #148 has been cleared!

My Kickstarter is 6 Days Away!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to make yourself a note for next week because on Tuesday, June 30th, my Kickstarter campaign for the 2015 Beast Book is launching!

What is the Beast Book?

1) It’s a season preview for the upcoming NFL season like no other because it has insight AND jokes AND information AND nonsense.

2) It’s also a Weekly viewing guide that helps you track scores, trash talk your fantasy opponents, and win prizes through a fun weekly game.

3) It’s also the only football publication that will publish YOUR predictions. Depending on the level of support you give through Kickstarter, you can get your predictions and opinions in the book!

BUT…it doesn’t happen unless y’all help make it happen, so I’d appreciate you at least checking out the Kickstarter when it goes live on Tuesday, and maybe sharing it with your football-loving friends.

In the meantime, I’ve recorded a bunch of quick podcast episodes talking about the upcoming season. The latest just went up this morning (Episode 005 – June 24, 2015 Headlines), and you can check them all out at or on iTunes.

What’s new with me.

5 Things you didn’t know you didn’t know…

1. I’m full steam ahead on my NFL Preview Project. You can see more at

2. One of my clients, Jon Acuff, hit the NYT Bestseller list back in April, so that was amazing and rewarding. (He did most of the work, of course, but it was a blast playing a small part.)

3. Speaking of…if you’re an author launching a book (sooner or later) and you’re interested in getting some help, hit me up and we can see if it’s a fit. BryanAllain (at) Gmail.

4. I’m taking my son Parker to Wrigley field next month! We’re both super excited about it. Have never been, so it should be a blast.

5. This week aside, it’s been really nice here of late and I’ve enjoyed the few times I’ve gotten out to play golf. Played pretty poorly twice in a row, then settled in a bit last week and shot an 88. (What you don’t care about my golf exploits? I’m deeply hurt. And now I’m over it.)

NBA Finals tonight, who you got? I’m pulling for the Dubs all the way.