running in motion on fifth street

Glenn, i was hoping to go from 192 to 185 in 31 days. on August 1st i was 192. On August 10th i was 189. Not bad, 3 pounds in 10 days. On August 20th, i was 187. So i had 10 days left, and 2 more pounds to go. I havent been as zealous in my diet, but i’ve still been eating light lunches, not gorging myself at dinner, and eating lighter snacks in the evening. i should come close…one week left.

i was thinking about making next month a running month. lose 7 pounds in august, run thrice a week in september. sounds like a good idea. the finger is in decent enough shape to run now, so i’ll think about it

speaking of the digit, the wound is healing well. its closed and scabbed over now. i’m starting to bend my finger just a little. i go back next friday (the day before the outer banks trip). hopefully i will get clearance for swimming. golfing will be a tough call. if i’m going to go and suck (more than normal) then it might not be worth it. but with my luck, a mangled finger might improve my game.

might be making a purchase this week of some books for my outer banks trip. i was thinking of getting these two books: Positively Fifth Street, which is supposedly the best book about poker ever written (storywise, not strategywise) and Common Grounds, which looks interesting not because the author has commented on my blog, but because this seems like it centers on the stuff i have been thinking a lot about lately. Maybe if i throw in the new Copeland EP,In Motion, i can get free shipping too.

The Storm Runner at HersheyPark is the best ride I have ever been on in my life. 0-72 MPH in 2 seconds thanks to a hydraulic takeoff like nothing i’ve ever seen before. and if that launch isn’t enough, you’re hurled right into a 180 foot, 90 degree drop. incredible ride. truly worth the price of admission.

Big Brother 6 thoughts: james is definitely crafty, and as long as he keeps flying under the radar and winning vetos, he’s safe. Maggie is the only person really gunning for him because she’s the only one who’s kept things from getting personal for the most part. Look at the rest of Maggie’s team, they all have personal vendettas. April wants Howie gone, Ivette hates Rachel, and Beau hates Janelle. kudos to Beau for nominating Howie and Rachel though. was he trying to back door Janelle, break up Howie and Rachel, or just trying to prove that he’s going strategy over personal?…i think Howie might be headed home this week, they’ve got to sense that Rachel wants out and will equate that to her being weaker. Plus they migth want to repay Howie for his Hurricane antics…if Howie goes, i think James becomes a major target for Maggie and April, while Ivette and Beau would focus on Janelle. If Rachel/Howie or Janelle win HoH next, i think they should ignore April and focus on outing Maggie or breaking up Ivette/Beau…For James, i think if Howie stays he should not win HoH yet. If Howie is gone he should try to win it. If he does then he will need to finally declare a side. If he put up one from each side, he would piss off both and they might come to their senses about getting rid of him. As long as Ivette/Beau are in the house, he’s smart to stay on their good side. So his best bet would be to put up Rachel and Janelle with April as his replacement in case of Veto…If James can play his cards right, i wonder if he can rise above April on Ivette’s pecking order. There are some things brewing between those two that will probably erupt soon. If Maggie can keep that from happening, then she has done a great job of keeping her tribe together…what about the other safes, when are they getting opened? any more secrets left, Julie Chen?