whoopsie digits

ok, here’s the reader’s digest version of my last week.

friday night i try to stretch a double into a triple and slide so hard into the 3B’s knee that my left index finger dislocates and shoots through my finger. emergency room folks are certain it’s broken, only to find out its just dislocated with a minor bone chip. 3 numbing injections, a pull, a “pop”, and 5 stitches later, I’m on my way home.

sat, sun, mon, tue, wed, thu – pain, vicodin, tired, frustrated (repeat infinitely)

today- the orthopedist was great. he took the stitches out (which killed), and told me no more ointment. time for the wound to dry, scab, and heal. sounds like a few more weeks of the splint. next week we’e going to try to move the finger. eventually i’ll be going to therapy to try and get full range of motion and strength back. still taking 2 antibiotics to ward off infection. still swollen and sore, but getting the stitches out helped alleviate the pain more than you’d think. i should be ready for softball next year. golfing in the outer banks next month? not so sure. though my buddy dave correctly asserts that i shouldnt have to use that finger to swing the club anyway. guitar? who knows. i am going to mention it to Dr. Shilling next week. A man’s gotta be able to make barre chords, right?

this whole thing slightly derails my august weight-off. i havent been able to get around as limberly. running is out of the question. but at the 33% mark (on AUG 10) i was 189. that’s 3 pounds, so that’s good. if i can maintain the 180s by next saturday, i think i’ll be able to hit 185 by September. we’ll see.

typing with two hands…don’t take it for granted.