just beachy

our week at the beach is almost done. we head home tomorrow evening. like all good vacations, this one went by too fast. and yet, like most other times, i am certainly ready to resume life. my finger is doing better everyday, i have been eating like a pig, and i have alot of work waiting for me next week.

I read Common Grounds over the past few days. It was a good read. I thought that the dialogue was a bit “clunky” at times, though i hesitate to use that word because it makes it seem as if the dialogue got in the way, which it didn’t. only that i think the characters were often not talking like real folks do, but it a sense it helped move the conversations along and kept the book from being 700 pages. I got the sense that every dialogue, character trait, and piece of information had a point, and that kept me turning the pages. I was interested and involved from cover to cover, and actually walked away from the book having felt like i learned a little. So in the end i am very happy that i read it. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different angle on sharing their faith, defending their faith, or exploring faith.

i can’t tell you how excited i am for the NFL to start tonight…well, i guess i just did. bring it on.

my picks for week 1 will be coming soon…