BB6 ramblings

So Big Brother 6 is in turbo mode already, i couldnt be happier.

i liked James early on, but slowly started to cool down on him until he lied right to Kaysar’s face, at which point i went cold. Big Mistake. I thought he was one of the smarter players in the house, but that was a bad move. Talk about thinking short-term over long-term, yikes.

I really like Kaysar. I started to like him as soon as he admitted to Eric that he was the one who told Michael to ease off the women. He read the situation and immediately knew he needed to be up front with Eric. He also seemed to be the one early on who picked up that Janelle was pretty bright. I liked how he handled the Mike situation, for the most part, and i personally think that he and Janelle are the two smartest people in the hosue (though that and a quarter will get you a gumball in this house, usually.)

Eric annoys me. flat out annoys me. Ivette as well. I realize i am seeing edited versions of reality, but they way they dramatized the ordeal with Michael was absurd. One minute Eric is in the HoH room convincing April that Mike would be sitting in jail for harrassment on the outside, the next minute he’s saying “Mike’s not bad” or some such truck. I do realize he’s just being himself, and while that’s noble, it’s going to get him booted in a couple weeks. I won’t shed a tear.

Ivette annoys the tar out of me. The way her and “Cappy” rile each other up annoys me. The way she carries herself annoys me. I’m not sure why she’s hiding the fact that she’s gay, unless it’s to disassociate herself from Beau. Now it will just be another exposed lie that will ship away at her credibility. The only silver lining to her winning HoH would be if she hasnt exposed herself as gay yet and suddenly has to explain some pictures.

April and Jennifer do nothing for me in this game. I think Jennifer will go further, but only because April seems more abrasive. Watching her interact in the house, it’s like watching somebody rubbing a blue tip match on 20-grit sandpaper, eventually the sparks will start a fire.

I love Kaysar’s nominations. Don’t forget, it was Janelle’s idea to nominate them. Eric will fight for Maggie and it will alienate James and Sarah. I wonder who Kaysar wants to leave. James i think, though Eric and Maggie are a strong team (especially with Beau and Ivette as their minions). Assuming no veto is used, i think Sarah might be the only vote to oust Maggie. Wouldnt be surprised if the “secret teams” are brought out into the public this week. i can see Eric using the James/Sarah relationship as his biggest weapon. though he and Maggie are probably closer.

other thoughts…Howie will definitely last another 4 or 5 weeks, like the “clown” always does, but the clown eventually gets burned for not picking sides. then again, it seems he has picked a side now. let’s see if he tries to fip-flop like Alison two years ago and Diane last year…that skirmish last week was pretty awesome…i want more house secrets…i really think they are going to bring back an evicted houseguest this year…julie chen is awful, but in an endearing way…the new house is cool, but i think it could be alot cooler…early final four guess: Jennifer, Sarah, Beau, and Rachel.