gmail and the art of sweating

  • at first it was cool to have a gmail account. you had to be invited. but due to the law of exponential growth (i think that’s a law…if not it should be) now everyone has an account and 8 invites they’ve never given. so now i think it’s cool to NOT have a gmail account. and that’s why i don’t have one. (though i am curious to see what the fuss is about).
  • Big Brother 6 has hit an interesting point in the show jsut 1 week in. Most of the secret pairs are realizing that they are not alone. some pairs have already figured out who is with who. So how long is this goign to bubble under the surface? my guess is not too long. in fact if I was Janelle, i would out everybody now that i was the only one without my teammate. only thing is i dont think she has a clue.
  • Here’s what i think would be a phenomenal BB6 strategic move. If i was Eric (or anyone else…we’ll use Eric as an example) I would make a deal with Janelle and it would go something like this. Eric and Janelle should pretend to be a team. Maggie can pretend that she was teamed with Ashlea. This works for Maggie because people will not see her as a threat now that she is on her own. It will work for Janelle, because if she agrees to go along with it, Eric and Maggie will protect her and bring her along until the very end. It works for Eric because he is seen as teamed with a weaker player than he is actually teamed with. the only problem with this would be that if the hoax was discovered, peeps would be out for revenge for being lied to. So if Eric and Maggie could convince her to go along with it, and then Janelle would get voted out, then it would seem as if Eric and Maggie were alone, when in fact they would be a strong alliance. It’s not the craziest plan ever hatched on BB, so it might work.
  • on wednesday night erica and i caught Mae live in concert at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster. Lovedrug opened for them, and put on a great show as well. The venue was literally 95-100 degrees, I am not exaggerating. We were dripping with sweat for 2 hours. I guess the HVAC was busted or something. Walking out into the 85 degree air after the show was like stepping into Air Conditioning. Mae put on a great show. The sound was a bit shaky at first, but once they got a fwe songs into their set it got better. By the time the band hit the final few songs of the set, they had the place fully inspired and singing along. It was great. I still say their Everglow album is the best disc of the year to date and this concert only solidified that for me.
  • i got asked to play in a state tournament by the best softball team in our league this week. It’s the equivalent of the Yankees asking Carl Crawford to come play with them over in Japan or something. I am honored to play SS for them, it should be alot of fun.