little toes and big bros

  • trip to MA this week was a good one. Celebrated my dad’s 50th with the gift of Tivo, watched some Sox games, ate lots of natural homemade popcorn (smothered in parmesan), ate at Chili’s, made some S’mores, enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and read a few more chapters in my book.
  • I-95 in New York between exit 10 and exit 2 took about 2.5 hours to crawl through. we went about 8 miles in 2.5 hours. it was awful. next time we head south, it’s on the Tappan Zee.
  • last night my right pinky toe met the banister to my second floor stairs. the meeting lasted about 1 second and was conducted at approximately 20 MPH. ramifications of this meeting included my jumping in the air, landing on my knees, writhing on the ground, and wearing a sandal to work today because i couldnt get a shoe on this morning. i’m not ready to go to the doctor’s yet, because i think its getting better. but man, that hurt.
  • Big Brother 6 starts tonight on CBS with a new house, lots of twists, and Erica and I once again planted firmly on the couch. It’s come along way from season 1, where America cast out the housemates and Dr. Drew was analyzing the houseguests behavior. This is the most invasive and pointless of all reality shows, and still my favorite.